Kansas City, MO Teen Driver Safety Program

Given the recent spike in teen driver fatalities, teen driver protection continues to be a high priority for state and local transportation authorities. In an effort to establish a more effective approach to protecting young drivers, DBE will continue to bolster teen driver protection, especially through the following initiatives.

  • Alerting teens and their parents to the new universe of roadway risks
  • Working with high schools to implement driving safety instruction into their curriculum
  • Promoting enhanced parental engagement with their teen drivers
  • Encouraging both public and private sector organizations to make teen driver protection a community priority.

The focus of the DBE teen driver protection efforts is to alert teen drivers and passengers to the new universe of roadway risk. When teens fully appreciate the risks, they will more readily adopt safe driving habits and behaviors. As more teens change their behaviors and attitudes toward driving safety, it will result in a marked improvement in our driving culture.

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