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State Highways, County Road, and Rural Roads present a special driving concern. The roads are usually narrow with no room for error which makes for dangerous driving, especially in poor weather conditions. Moreover, statistics show that seat belt use is lower than urban motorists, and there are a greater percentage of impaired drivers.

As a driving safety expert, one of my objectives is to improve driver competencies and find solutions to eliminate areas of driver hazards on county roads and state highways. Rural Road Ready is effective because the campaign…

  1. Addresses a vital driving safety concern in that rural road crashes result in a disproportionate number of fatalities.
  2. Advocates for city, county, and state action to identify accident hot-spots and correction of dangerous road conditions within their jurisdiction.
  3. Seeks to build a coalition among private business, civic leaders and highway safety officials to help reduce rural road fatalities in their community.
  4. Raises the level of driver competency among rural citizens, including initiatives to increase seat belt use and minimize driver distractions.

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