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Drive By Example  (DBE) is a model driver safety program designed to address important driving safety priorities. Developed by Kansas City Crash Lawyer Douglas R. Horn, DBE provides the foundation to change the driving culture by influencing drivers to adopt the habits and behaviors to protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the roadway.

Built upon the core message to drive alert, buckled, and cautious, DBE can be easily adopted by a variety of organizations, including schools, community organizations, corporations, and governmental entities. In this regard, the program is particularly well-suited as the base for a city, county, or state sponsored driving safety initiative. The DBE programs are effective because they:

  • Build upon a clear, concise, and memorable driver safety message that is applicable to all drivers
  • Address all forms of dangerous driving behaviors
  • Emphasize the adoption of a safe driving approach (vs. driver behavior change)
  • Utilize a positive forming technique that encourages motorists to drive using the highest degree of care
  • Re-enforce and create synergy among other driver safety campaigns
  • Keep driver safety high on public consciousness

Following is a brief overview of the existing DBE model programs.

High Schools

While many existing high school driver safety initiatives revolve around a single event, the DBE High School program is designed to be a sustained driver safety campaign that is woven into the school community. An emphasis is placed on alerting students, faculty, administration, and parents to the new universe of risk caused by the recent wave of distracted and dangerous drivers.

Through signs, posts, school media, events, and classroom instruction, driving safety takes its place as a top school priority. Also, because parents hold the key to the teen driver protection, an important part of the DBE High School program is to encourage parents/guardians to become further engaged in their teen’s driving privileges. The objective is to not only help parents understand their responsibilities under the state Graduated Licensing Laws, but also to provide recommendations to help parents/guardians maximize protection for their teen driver.

Community Colleges

The DBE Community College program serves the thousands of commuter students who attend community and junior colleges. DBE works with students, faculty, and the college administration to make the school a model campus for driver safety advancement. In Kansas City, DBE has partnered with the Metropolitan Community Colleges to bring driving safety to their 5 campus locations.


The DBE Corporate Protection program is a perfect fit to enhance existing corporate wellness programs.  By adopting the DBE model, at little or no cost, corporations can reduce liability and significantly contribute to employee health and wellness.

Additionally, when corporations partner with DBE, they sharpen their role as a community leader and play a significant part in making a difference for the greater good.


DBE partners with municipalities, including county governments, who are looking to implement an effective program to raise driver competency and reduce accidents. Drive By Example is a fresh, proactive approach to driver safety, designed to promote a higher quality of life for the entire community.


DBE has developed a driving safety initiative to help states effectively address the decline in the driving culture. Because the DBE State Driving Safety program addresses all forms of dangerous driving, states can build efficiency into their state driving safety efforts.

Additionally, DBE has the advantage of being built upon a clear, concise, memorable message that is applicable to all drivers. While most current state driving efforts target a particular segment of the population, DBE is equally relevant to all drivers and addresses all form of dangerous driving conduct.

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