Kansas City, MO Distracted Driver Prevention

The National Highway Safety Administration has estimated that 6,000 deaths and more than 500,000 injuries occur each year due to distracted driving. Given these statistics, there is little doubt that distracted driving prevention is now the nation’s highest roadway safety priority.

Although much attention has centered on “texting while driving”, with the proliferation of the smart phone, the distracted driving crisis has become much more broad. While talking and texting do cause significant distractions, an increasing number of motorists are using their cell phones to navigate, check email, update social media, browse the web, or a host of other functions. For this reason, many driving safety experts believe that the distracted driving crisis will get worse before it gets better.

Consistent with our past work, Drive By Example’s (DBE) distracted driving prevention efforts will be focused on raising driver competency by influencing drivers to drive alert, buckled, and cautious. Using a variety of initiatives, DBE will continue to remind drivers that distracted driving puts them, their passengers, and others on the roadway at a severe risk of harm. Ultimately, we believe that when drivers are consistently alerted to the high roadway risks, they will change their driving approach and adopt the habits and behaviors of safe drivers.

In 2014, DBE will continue the expansion of   driving safety programs to both public and private sector organizations. As the implementation of DBE programs progress, we expect to see a reduction in distracted driving behaviors and a restoration of an acceptable driving culture.

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