Driving Safety Education

A 40 hour course designed for High Schools


Introduction to Driving Safety

Emphasis on the exercise of the highest degree of care in the operation of a motor vehicle.


Seat Belt Safety (Injury/Death Protection)

Emphasis on driver/passenger seat belt use, child safety seats.


Driver Safety (Speed Control)

Emphasis on speed control, reaction times, and braking distances.


Driver Safety (Driving Alert)

Emphasis on the dangers of driver distractions, especially cell phones.


Driver Safety (Highway Safety)

Emphasis on the hazards associated with highway driving, including rural road driving.


Driver Safety (Driving Defensive) 

Emphasis on the need to drive defensively and anticipate roadway hazards and dangers.


State Driving Requirements

Review and refreshment of the applicable state requirements and test material.


Graduated Driver Licensing Law 

Review of the provisions (restrictions) that apply to teen drivers.


Car Insurance 

Explanation of how car insurance works and an explanation of different coverages.


Car Accidents 

What to do if you are involved in an accident.