Corporate Protection Program

The Drive By Example Corporate Protection program helps business firms and corporations implement comprehensive initiatives to advance employee safety when driving a motor vehicle. Businesses implement the Corporate Protection program to:

  • Save lives and reduce the risk of serious injuries to employees
  • Protect employee’s well-being and financial resources
  • Increase business productivity
  • Limit corporate accident liability

Utilizing a core message to ADrive By Example – Alert, Buckled, and Cautious@, the program is a perfect fit for an employee health or well-ness initiative because it:   

  • is built upon a clear, concise, and memorable message that is applicable to all employees, regardless of whether they drive as part of their scope of employment.
  • re-enforces existing corporate safe driving policies, rules, and communications.
  • emphasizes a defensive driving approach that minimizes the risk of an employee being involved in a motor vehicle accident
  • provides a sustained driver safety campaign that keeps safe driving high on the employee=s consciousness both on and off the job
  • utilizes a positive framing philosophy that promotes a high driving standard and excellence in the discharge of an employee’s duties and responsibilities.

Please note that the Drive By Example Corporate Protection program is designed to support the employer’s primary safe driving policy. Under no circumstances should the Drive By Example Corporate Protection program be considered a replacement for a comprehensive safe driving policy that covers the following:


Objectives of the Safe Driving Policy

Code of Conduct Expectation

Responsibilities of Employees

Responsibilities of the Employer

Rules and regulations pertaining to company-related driving

How the success of the policy will be reviewed and measured


The Drive By Example Corporate Protection Program is also extremely easy and inexpensive to implement and can be administered as part of an existing corporate well-ness program.

For more information about how your business can take advantage of the Drive By Example Corporate Protection program free of charge, contact Douglas R. Horn at