Medical Mistake Attorneys

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Horn Law routinely represents clients and families of those severely injured or killed by medical errors. Medical Error cases involve substantial financial investment and aggressive representation, including early investigation and preservation of evidence.

A wrongful death claim was brought against two doctors on the basis of two medical errors. The first medical error involved a doctor who failed to properly read radiology film. The second error involved a failure to detect a cancerous tumor. Confidential settlements were reached with both doctors prior to trial for the family.

A $1 million dollar plus verdict was obtained in favor of a woman against a surgeon and a resident physician who prematurely removed a breathing tube from the patient after a weight reduction surgery. The case was tried in Jackson County, Missouri.

A 6 figure confidential settlement was reached in a hospital liability case where the patient received the wrong dosage of his anti-depressant medicine resulting permanent injury. This was a very successful result given our client’s extensive medical history prior to the medical error.

A $241,000.00 verdict was obtained in favor of our client and against a negligent doctor who failed to schedule a pelvic ultrasound. Our client later was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The case was tried in Platte County, Missouri.

A 6 figure confidential settlement for our client was reached in a medical case that involved negligent treatment of post-surgical infection. The defendant was a doctor who refused to take responsibility for the post-surgical care of a patient who had a hernia surgery.

Our firm represented a 3 week old infant who fell victim to hospital nursing error as a direct result of an IV infiltration. The infant recovered and the case was settled with the hospital. The case was significant because the hospital specialized in pediatric care.

Horn Law brought suit in the District Court of Johnson County, Kansas involving an allegation of an unnecessary nasal surgery. Our expert doctors testified that the defendant made a serious judgment error that failed to meet the standard of care. This testimony swung the case in our client’s favor and a settlement was reached before trial.

Horn Law obtained a verdict in favor of our client against a mental health care provider who failed to order a simple blood test resulting in our client becoming lithium toxic.  The case was tried in Johnson County, Kansas.

A nursing home malpractice case was brought against caregivers who negligently dropped a patient resulting in a broken leg.  A 6 figure confidential settlement for our client was reached just days before trial.