Serious Injury Accident Attorneys

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A confidential settlement was reached with a large railroad in favor of a young mother who collided with a locomotive at an unprotected crossing in rural Missouri. The evidence, including the recordings from the train’s “black box,” revealed that the train engineer failed to sound its horn as the train approached the crossing.

A $200,000.00 settlement was reached for our client who suffered burns to his hands when the vehicle he was riding in caught fire. The liability evidence hinged on a defective repair to a fuel pump that caused a fuel leak. The defective repair was performed hours before the fire at a Missouri car dealership.

We represented a young man who suffered severe injuries to his neck/throat when he drove a go-cart into a single steel cable barricade while in a city park. The city disputed liability even through we produced evidence that the cable was in disrepair and the city had notice of this fact. A 6 figure settlement was reached prior to trial.

We obtained a $37,000.00 recovery for a client who suffered a leg laceration when cut by shattered glass at an indoor sports facility.

A farm accident in Nebraska where our client suffered lower extremity injuries when 2 bales of hay, weighing over 1,000 pounds, were pushed off a flat-bed truck in a loading accident resulted in a large confidential settlement prior to litigation.

An ATV accident in which a teenager lost his arm when he ran into a tree resulted in a maximum recovery for our young client. Liability was based on the fact that the owners of the ATV had given permission to use the ATV on their property without supervision or safety considerations. The case was successfully settled prior to trial.

Over the recent past, we have successfully represented children from Missouri and Kansas who were attacked by vicious dogs and suffered severe bite wounds and permanent scarring, including a case where a child, who was visiting his father in Arkansas, was bitten on the face by a pit bull.

A $70,000.00 settlement was obtained for a client who suffered facial lacerations when she was injured by a steel cable.

A $120,000.00 settlement was obtained for our five (5) clients who were Missouri residents, visiting in Alabama, when their car was rear-ended. The settlement was reached without the need for a lawsuit.

A $104,235.47 settlement was reached, without the need for litigation, for a single mother and her son who both suffered ankle injuries when their car was t-boned at an intersection.

A $124,750.00 settlement was obtained for our three (3) clients who were injured on the Lake of the Ozarks when a jet ski struck the boat. A settlement was reached against the driver of the boat and the driver of the jet ski.

A $200,000.00 policy limits settlement was obtained for our client who suffered a right ankle fracture, requiring surgery, when he was injured in a motor vehicle collision while visiting family in Oklahoma.

A $149,016.00 settlement was obtained for a family of four (4), who were all injured, when another car failed to stop at a red light.

A $100,000.00 policy limits settlement was reached for a wife, whose husband was killed, when an uninsured driver failed to yield the right of way.