Workers’ Compensation Claim Attorneys

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Because workers’ compensation law provides special benefits, it is important to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney and lawyer who is experienced in the legal complexities of workers’ compensation claims.

Workers’ compensation claims can involve 3 primary benefits:

  1. Compensation for your time lost from work
  2. Payment of your medical treatment expense
  3. Payment for any permanent physical disability caused by the accident

Common work injury and industrial accident claims handled by Horn Law include head/neck/spinal injuries, orthopedic injuries such as fracture/joint injuries, on-the-job injuries that require surgery, and catastrophic accidents.

If you have suffered an injury at work that requires medical care and treatment, legal consultation is important to make sure you are getting the benefits provided for under the law.

First, it is important that an injured worker fully understand what benefits they are entitled to under the state law. As a Kansas City Workers’ Compensation Attorney, Doug Horn can provide free consultation to make sure your getting fair treatment from your employer’s insurance company.

Second, worker compensation benefits are paid by your employer’s insurance company. Because the insurance company is never looking out for your best interests, always be cautious in talking with insurance company representatives about your claim. Take advantage of free legal consultation with Doug Horn as soon as possible.

Third, in some cases, a work-related injury is caused, or partially caused, by someone not connected with your employer. A good workers’ compensation attorney can spot these situations. This is important because there may be other claims that we can make that are separate and apart from your workers’ compensation claim. A good example of this are car accidents that happen while you are driving to work.

Doug Horn is known as a Kansas City Workers’ Compensation attorney who handles work injuries and industrial accidents. It is easy to e-mail Lead Attorney Douglas Horn to initiate legal consultation by using the Contact box on this website.

Please note that because a work accident injury claim can be complex, you should be selective in choosing a workers’ compensation lawyer.