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In many truck accident cases liability or fault can be established on the owner of the truck and/or the firm that hired the truck driver. In fact, because trucking firms are highly regulated, it is common to see a breakdown in policies, procedures, and protocols that are applicable to safe trucking operations.

A trucking company can contribute to a truck accident in multiple ways, including:

  1. Failure to repair and maintain truck equipment;
  2. Failure to provide and maintain safety policies, procedures, and protocols;
  3. Negligent hiring, selection, training, and retention of truck drivers;
  4. Failure to maintain a safe working environment.

Liability against a trucking firm is normally established through the litigation process. When we file a lawsuit on behalf of a person injured in a truck accident, we are entitled to the trucking firm’s files, reports, policies, procedures, protocols, and other documentation. Through this investigative process, we can look for evidence in support of separate claims against the trucking firm that hired the negligent truck driver.

At our initial consultation, we can provide examples of cases where trucking company liability was pivotal in our ability to maximize recovery. It is not uncommon for our investigations to reveal circumstances where truck drivers are over-worked, fatigued, and under pressure to meet delivery deadlines. In other cases, truck companies cut corners to save money, putting profits before safety. These are the types of items that need to be thoroughly investigated in truck crash cases.

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