In the event you or a loved has suffered an injury that results in a home or hospital confinement, our law firm can always make arrangements for legal consultation with Lead Attorney Doug Horn to take place at the hospital, home, or at another convenient location.

In most cases involving a serious disabling injury, early legal consultation is an important first step to taking care of immediate issues and protecting the injured person with respect to potential insurance claims arising from the accident. To learn more about free of charge legal consultation at Horn Law click here.

The easiest way to schedule consultation, is to email Lead Attorney Doug Horn at After we have a basic understanding of the special circumstances connected with the case, we can begin an initial investigation in order that we are well-prepared heading into an initial meeting.

In order to serve the best interests of the injured person, we request a family member or a trusted friend also be present at the consultation with the injured person.

Initial Consultations

The initial consultation is an important part of the process because it is here we can learn about the special circumstances of the case and get an early start on the independent investigations that are necessary in a case involving serious injury.

After we have outlined the necessary investigations, we will identify all of the potential insurance coverages. Because a seriously injured person may have several avenues of recovery, it is important that all relevant insurance coverage, including property damage and medical payments coverages, are identified so that the claim process can be fully initiated.

During the initial consultation at the home or hospital, we will be able to sort through and answer questions related to the medical/rehabilitation issues that will likely arise in the case. In this regard, we want to make sure the injured person is receiving the best possible medical diagnosis, care, treatments, and rehabilitation.

During the visit to the hospital or home consultation, we can also determine if legal representation is going to be substantially beneficial to the injured person. If so, we will proceed to make sure the investigations are complete, the important evidence secured, the insurance claims are identified/initiated, the medical issues are taken care of, and the legal representation is launched.

Horn Law Track Record

In the event of a serious injury that results in hospital or home confinement, it is important that your attorney and their law firm have a track record in handling serious injury cases. In the case of Horn Law, you can view our track record here. Also, reviews from past clients can also be helpful in making the decision as to who is the right attorney for you. To check out our reviews, there are some available on this site or just Google “Horn Law Reviews” for many more.