Tragic School Bus Accident in St. Joseph, Missouri

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Mason Adams, a model 16 year-old boy with a promising future, was killed when he was hit by a school bus as he was crossing the street on his way to school. This tragic accident follows a Clay County, Missouri school bus accident last week when at least a dozen students were injured in a school buss accident in Clay County, Missouri last week.

My heart goes out to Mason’s family. From all accounts, he was a great kid & a joy to coach as a baseball player.

Although the accident investigations are on-going, school bus accidents raise a high level of concern in regards to the policies, procedures, and protocols that govern school bus drivers. There is little doubt that the legal process will concentrate on school bus driver education and training, and other issues that directly relate to driver safety.

Our law firm concentrates in Missouri motor vehicle accidents. Two years ago our law firm represented the family of a 16 year-old boy who lost his life in a motorcycle accident. Although the parent’s case was settled for a substantial amount, I have continued to dedicate myself to highway safety advocacy as a memorial to his family. Please visit for more information.

On my end, I am going to expand my highway safety advocacy efforts into school bus safety concentrating on driver safety. While the facts surrounding this accident will be developed through the legal process, I know that “First Student” and other school bus operators have a high obligation to bus driver safety, especially as the roads become more congested and drivers are more distracted.