Permanent Total Disability Injury Attorneys

Serving Kansas City, Independence, Blue Springs & Lee’s Summit

If your work injury has left you permanently and totally disabled, you will need Horn Law to devote our full professional abilities and resources to your claim for workers’ compensation. There are 3 items that are significant in a claim for workers’ compensation that need the help of an attorney who has a track record in complex work injury claims.

First, you are entitled to present and future medical care to help stabilize or rehabilitate your serious injury. Most often, what medical treatment is needed or required is an issue that is a matter of expert opinion. It is our job to zealously represent you in claims for medical treatment. With former and recent clients, we have had very good success in helping them get the best medical care available.

Second, you are entitled to compensation for the time you are off work in the form of weekly benefits. Horn Law ensures that you are receiving the proper weekly benefits in a timely manner. If an insurance company stops paying weekly benefits in your worker compensation claim, you need immediate legal consultation.

Third, and most important, an injured worker who is judged to be permanently and totally disabled deserves life-time compensation. These types of cases demand the best possible legal advocacy and medical recommendations. Horn Law has a track record of success in claims involving permanent total disability. Contact Doug Horn for legal consultation as soon as practical.