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Interstate/State Highway/County Road collisions resulting in serious injury

Attorney Doug Horn is a rapid response attorney who is highly rated and reviewed.

Protecting the injured is Attorney Doug Horn’s top priority, including representation of children and older adults. While nearly all injury cases involve complex legal issues, early legal consultation in a serious injury case is particularly important. This is because a serious injury can involve substantial medical care and expense. Also, all serious injuries involve some degree of life-long physical limitations that impact long-term health and quality of life. This is why legal protection is so important.

Attorney Doug Horn offers office, home, and hospital consultations. A primary purpose of early legal consultation is to identify the insurance coverages and legal claims that will form the foundation for recovery.

Another important part of early legal consultation is to take care of medical and personal issues that arise with a serious injury. Persons that suffer a sudden onset of injury require top-rate medical care and evaluation. In addition to the medical issues, there are many other items that require legal assistance, including dealing with claims adjusters, loss of a vehicle, obtaining a rental car, and being off of work without income.

Serious Injury Legal Representation

Attorney Doug Horn has a track record of success in handling serious injury cases in Lafayette County, Missouri. The most common serious injury cases we have handled in Lafayette County, Missouri include:

  • Neck, Back, & Spinal Injuries
  • Head Injury/Concussion
  • Fractures/Joint Injuries
  • Injuries Requiring Surgery
  • Burns/Scarring/Disfigurement/Amputation
  • Permanent Restrictions/Physical Limitations

The selection of a Lafayette County, Missouri personal injury lawyer is an important decision. Attorney Doug Horn and Horn Law can only take on cases where they will be of substantial benefit to the injured person and his or her family.  In fact, Horn Law proves to be a substantial benefit by maximizing the settlements or award that is paid by the insurance companies for the person(s) at fault.

Please note that legal representation is vital because in most cases the injured person is entitled to only one settlement or recovery. Given that, the recovery must be fair and full, including reimbursement for all:

  • medical expenses, including future medical expenses
  • lost of income, including all future loss of income
  • all other personal expenses and losses, and
  • all non-economic damages (see below).

Non-economic damages are especially important in cases where the injury requires physical therapy, rehabilitation, or results in a permanent or partial disability. These non-economic damages include:

  • pain, suffering, discomfort
  • loss of health
  • loss of quality of life

Horn offers free legal consultation to put motor vehicle crash victims on the road to recovery with a special interest in seeing crash victims

  1. receive highly qualified representation
  2. receive the best possible medical recovery
  3. receive a maximum insurance settlement and award

Horn Law Reviews

As mentioned earlier, the selection of a personal injury lawyer is an important decision. This decision should not be made solely on a lawyer’s advertisement or website. Outside of this website, one way you can determine if Attorney Doug Horn and the Horn Law Firm are right for you is to look at our online Google reviews.

Contacting Lead Attorney Doug Horn

Over the last 25 years, Attorney Doug Horn and The Horn Law Firm have handled a variety of personal injury claims in Lafayette County, Missouri. The majority of these cases involve car, truck, and motorcycles accidents on the county and rural roads, state highways, and the stretch of I-70 that runs from Independence through western Missouri.

By using the chat function on this website, Attorney Doug Horn can be alerted to a new case. When he is alerted to a case involving a sudden onset of injury, Horn can immediately address the pressing investigative, legal and medical issues and devote his professional abilities and resources to the case.

A large portion of Attorney Doug Horn’s law practice involves representing persons who have been seriously injured, including accident cases resulting in ambulance transport, emergency medical care and extended medical treatment and/or rehabilitation.

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