Pharmacy Mistake Attorneys

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Since 2005, Horn Law has handled over 120 pharmacy error cases in 36 states. Approximately 60% of our cases involve a prescription filled with a wrong medication. 23% of the cases involve a wrong dosage. We regularly take on cases against Walgreen’s, CVS, Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart, Target, and a host of other large retail pharmacies.

When we agree to take on a pharmacy error case, it is our primary objective to obtain a fair and full recovery for our client. A by-product of our case is that pharmacies will have an incentive to improve procedures in order that the risk of future errors be minimized.

Horn Law was lead counsel for a Minnesota woman who was afflicted with significant skin lesions following a pharmacy error involving a prescription that was being transferred from one pharmacy to another pharmacy. A confidential settlement was reached after the parties entered into a mediation.

A confidential settlement was obtained for a Virginia woman who became pregnant after receiving incorrect instructions regarding a birth control prescription from a mail-order pharmacy.

Horn Law represented the mother and father of a Colorado infant who nearly died because of a prescription error made by a pharmacist employed by a large chain pharmacy. This was a case where the defendant corporation was challenging both liability and damages. A confidential settlement was obtained shortly before trial.

A confidential settlement was obtained for a young child who suffered alleged memory loss due to a prescription error in Texas. Strong testimony from both a well-respected neurologist and an expert toxicologist were the key to this successful result.

Additionally, over the recent past Horn Law has resolved 35 cases involving pharmacy mistakes involving anti-depressant medications. Patients who depend upon these medications for their mental and emotional well-being go through severe pain, suffering, and discomfort when there is a sudden withdrawal of the medication due to the wrong medication or dosage being dispensed.