Motorcycle Crash Attorneys

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Horn Law routinely represents clients and families of those severely injured or killed in a motorcycle accident. Over the years we have handled a variety of motorcycle accidents, most involving head or serious orthopedic injuries. Legal representation is crucial as many insurance companies attempt to place the blame on the motorcyclist. Many motorcycle/auto collisions happen because the driver of the auto was not exercising the highest degree of care in driving his/her vehicle.

Over a $1 million dollar settlement was obtained for a motorcyclist who lost his leg when another vehicle crossed into his lane.

A $909,000.00 wrongful death settlement was obtained for the parents of a 17 year-old motorcyclist killed on a dangerous stretch of highway in Jackson County, Missouri.

Horn Law recovered $500,000.00 for a husband and wife for injuries they suffered when a trash truck side-swiped their motorcycle. During aggressive litigation, the trash truck driver’s poor driving record was uncovered leading to a favorable settlement.

Our client was propelled off his motorcycle when struck by a vehicle who failed to yield the right-of-way. Horn Law was able to obtain a $200,000.00 settlement in regards to back injuries suffered by the motorcyclist. The case was filed in Jackson County, Missouri, and was settled after taking the case to the Missouri Court of Appeals.

$100,000.00 was recovered for our client in 2 different settlements relating to a motorcycle vs. car collision where our client suffered knee and leg injuries.

A motorcyclist suffered severe head injuries when he was propelled onto the hood of the car driven by a negligent driver. Although our client was wearing a helmet, permanent head injuries resulted and a large settlement took into account the permanent disability of the head injury.

A liability claim was made against a community college on the basis that they negligently conducted a motorcycle safety course on wet pavement. During the course, a woman suffered leg injuries when her motorcycle fell on her during the course as a direct result of the wet pavement. The case was settled shortly before trial.

A settlement was made before litigation for our client who was hit from the rear, propelled top the pavement, and suffered multiple injuries. The collision happened just minutes after our client had purchased the motorcycle. A maximum recovery was obtained.

A $274,500.00 settlement was recovered for a motorcyclist who was seriously injured when he rear-ended the car in front of him after an object fell on the roadway from an unidentified truck causing the car in front of him to take evasive action to avoid the object.  Claims were made against the motorcycle operator’s uninsured motorist policies based on the unidentified truck failing to secure the load.

A husband and wife, who were riding separate motorcycles, recovered $96,000.00 when a car pulled out in front of them resulting in a collision. The husband and wife suffered road rash with no broken bones or surgical conditions.

A Blue Springs, MO man recovered $105,000.00 when a seventeen year old girl, who was using her cell phone, ran a stop sign colliding with our client. Our client injured his neck, head, chest, and pelvis during the collision.

A husband and wife, who were riding the same motorcycle, recovered $258,500.00 in a motorcycle collision.  Both the husband’s and wife’s injuries required surgery.