School Districts

Drive by Example develops and helps implement driver safety communications programs for a variety of public and private sector organizations. Communications programs, like Drive By Example, are important, not only to keep safe driving high on the public consciousness, but also to influence drivers to model safe driving habits and behaviors that protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the roadway. The Drive By Example model programs are very low cost and easy to implement.

High Schools

The Drive By Example High School Driver Safety (DBE High School) program helps maximize teen driver protection and restore a safe driving culture that can extend to the entire school system. In addition to addressing a very important public health concern, listed below are the other attributes of the high school program:


The program is not only meant for the student body, but is also targeted to the administration, faculty, staff, and parents.


Built upon a clear, concise, and positive  message, DBE High School encourages the adoption of high driving standards, while also keeping teen driver safety high on the consciousness of the high school community.


Unlike traditional high school  initiatives, which are short-term in nature, DBE High School is a sustained program that is designed to be perpetual in nature. Monthly initiatives support driver safety communications, including signs, alerts, print, and social media.

Parent Engagement

Because parents play a primary role in teen driver protection, it is important parents be an integral part of the communications process.

Community Partnership

DBE High School provides the foundation for partnerships with other stakeholders within the local community, including law enforcement, civic organizations, and business firms.

Community Colleges

Since 2013 Drive by Example has partnered with the Metropolitan Community Colleges (MCC) to bring a driver safety focus to their Kansas City area campuses. Because community colleges cater to the commuter student, safe driving is an important factor in the community college educational environment. In addition to general communication strategies, Drive By Example has been pleased to promote driving safety through special events at 4 different MCC campuses, including Blue River, Maple Woods, Penn Valley, and the Business & Technology school.

New Solutions


Distracted Driving

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed by a distracted driver, you can contact Attorney Doug Horn for free legal consultation.

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