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Outlawing Texting While Driving

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Distracted Driving Has Become Epidemic

As an attorney that concentrates in representing people injured in motor vehicle accidents, I see first-hand the devastating consequences caused by distracted driving. Distracted driving collisions are often violent crashes that result in serious injury and wrongful death. In fact, from my perspective as a crash lawyer, distracted driving has become more deadly than drunk driving.

While there are many reasons why drivers become distracted and take their eyes off the road, manipulating a cell phone while driving is the leading cause for the monumental increase in the number of distracted drivers. Because the overwhelming number of drivers are now armed with a cell phone, all of us are facing a new universe risk on the road.

Texting While Driving Is Legal in Missouri

While 47 states have outlawed texting while driving for all drivers, you might be surprised to learn that Missouri is only one of 3 states that does not ban texting and driving for all drivers. In fact, Missouri drivers who are 22 years and older, can text, email, browse the internet, post to social media, watch video, etc. while driving. Can you believe it!

Meanwhile, traffic fatalities in Missouri continue to increase. Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDoT) studies reveal that using a cell phone behind the wheel is one of the fastest growing causes of fatal crashes in Missouri.

All-Driver Texting Ban for Missouri

The carnage from distracted driving is only going to get worse unless we act now. We need Missouri lawmakers to step up and pass an All-Driver Texting Ban. While there is plenty of evidence to show that outlawing texting while driving does make a significant difference in reducing the types of collisions that cause traffic fatalities and serious injury, we need more than just reliable evidence to persuade Missouri lawmakers to pass an All-Driver Texting Ban. We need your support.

By adding your name to our online Petition, we can show the lawmakers that Missouri citizens stand with us on this critical public health issue. The time is now to protect ourselves, our passengers, and others on the roadway.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

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P.S. Since we launched our All-Driver Texting Ban initiative, many people have asked me why we don’t have a law like the 47 other states (no law in Missouri, Montana, and Arizona). It just seems crazy to many that it is legal to text and drive in Missouri.

Here is my best answer. The State Senators & Representatives feel a law will infringe upon your personal liberties to text and drive. They also believe a law will be too hard to enforce.

I have countered all of these arguments. But it comes down to this. The public voice is important to them. They need to know where their constituents stand on this issue.  That is why we are offering you a voice through the Petition initiative.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]