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Missouri Nursing Home negligence is common when it comes to dispensing daily medications to the nursing home residence. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, because nursing home procedures dictate that many residents receive their medication at the same time, nurses and staff must be extra careful that the right patient is getting the right medication in the right dosage. One instance of confusion or inattentiveness can create a situation where medications are switched and two residents receive the wrong medications.

Second, the issue of sufficient nurse staffing. It is difficult when there are not enough nurses or CNA’s to oversee the medication carts and also monitor the patients. Unfortunately, many Missouri Nursing Homes are facing staffing shortages due to the present economic conditions.

Horn Law has concentrated in nursing home medication error cases. One recent case involved an 85 year old man who was admitted to the nursing home following a knee replacement surgery. He has a history of being on seizure medication and his seizures are well controlled with that medication. Within 24 hours of him arriving at the nursing home, a medication error was made probably because the nurses that were responsible for the medications didn’t do a proper screening. This is a potential problem that especially affects new patients. The medication error resulted in an overdose in medication that caused an emergency transport to the hospital. Our client almost died but was able to be stabilized at the hospital and now has permanent disability as a direct result from the medication error.

In cases like this it is common for us to find that the nursing home policy procedures and protocols where violated at many levels. Often, this is because the training on policies procedures and protocols is often neglected in favor of other staff duties because of staffing shortages. It is important that nursing homes maintain training education for their staff especially the nursing staff that will be dispensing medications. But often this is a place where corners are cut and hence medication error is a result.

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