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Over the last 20 years Doug Horn and the Horn Law team have gained a wealth of experience in a wide variety of car, truck, and motorcycle crash cases. Recently, Horn Law produced over 90 video clips with answers to frequently asked questions about motor vehicle collision cases.
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Because your case has special considerations, Lead Attorney Doug Horn will cover investigations issues, auto insurance coverages, legal claims, injury assessment, and case evaluations. While the first priority is your physical recovery, it is also important that Horn Law help with the legal claim in order to get your life back on track.

If it makes sense for you to hire Horn Law, Doug Horn and his team will take over all communications with the insurance company and their Claims Adjusters. Our strength is dealing with insurance companies to ensure you receive a full settlement and recovery. Because insurance companies are obligated to set reserves, it is important that Horn Law take control as early as possible.

Our guarantee is that we will devote our full professional abilities and resources to your case.

Free Investigations

Below are 4 important aspects of investigating a car, truck, or motorcycle accident.

1. Accident Scene Evidence
In some cases the investigation of the accident scene is a priority for Horn Law. In addition to photographing the scene, collection of physical and crash impact evidence can be important to proving fault or severity of the collision. When a case calls for accident scene investigation, it is vital that the investigation be done as soon as possible in order that valuable evidence or existing conditions be preserved. At Horn Law, we retain expert investigators to perform an accident scene investigation.

2. Witness Statements
Independent witnesses can establish many factors leading up to the collision, including traffic or roadway conditions, traffic signal observations, lane of travel, speed of travel, path of vehicles, etc. In many cases Horn Law does not rely upon police reports or other official documents with respect to witness statements. We prefer to perform our own examinations of the witnesses in order that we can secure the most accurate statement possible. Witness statements must be thorough and the witness must clearly explain all of his or her observations and assumptions.

3. Driver At Fault Investigations
Because the claim process does not allow us to interview or depose the driver at fault, we rely upon driving records and other data bases to secure extensive private information on the driver at fault. Moreover, cell phone records and toxicology reports are examples of private information that can help. It is also critical that we confirm auto insurance information as soon as possible.

4. Vehicle Investigations
Investigation of the vehicle can be one of the most important pieces of evidence, especially in cases of drunk or reckless driving. While most investigations contain photographs of the vehicle’s exterior, the interior of the vehicle should also be inspected and photographed. In one recent Horn Law case, a photograph of a broken glass not only established the severity of the impact, but also that the driver at fault had been consuming alcohol based upon the residues in the glass.

Vehicle defects also lead to collisions. In certain cases, an expert inspection of the vehicle may be crucial to the fault aspects of the case. This is especially important in cases of vehicle rollover or occupant ejection.

Contact Horn Law at 816-795-7500 for free legal consultation. After initial telephone consultation, Lead Attorney Douglas Horn can provide an initial case evaluation. Horn Law can also provide free investigations. Legal consultation, case evaluation, and investigations from an experienced injury lawyer are vital in any case where you are dealing with insurance claim adjusters or other insurance company representatives.