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Distracted Driving Epidemic

Over the past five years, Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer Doug Horn has seen a substantial increase in distracted driving collisions, particularly cases where drivers take their eyes off the road to use a cell phone.

Unlike many typical auto accidents, distracted driving collisions usually result in more serious injury to the occupants of the victim’s vehicle because distracted drivers are much less likely to brake or take other action to avoid a crash.

Smart Phone Usage Increased

Beginning in 2009, consistent with the introduction of the iPhone, Horn has handled a wide range of distracted driving accidents that stem from smart phone use. Although talking and texting while behind the wheel accounts for most of the distracted driving crashes, Horn claims a number of cases where his clients have suffered serious head, neck, and back injury caused by drivers who have been using a small screen smart phone to navigate, access the Internet, and a host of other computer-like functions that are available on newer model cell phones.

Horn also points out that is it not just teenagers that are distracted driving culprits. In fact, Horn feels that adults make up the majority of distracted drivers in the Greater Kansas City area. This is so because working adults now depend upon their cell phones to conduct business. This is on top of managing their personal lives, which often means communicating with children through text messaging.

Horn refers to the current distracted driving problem as a “new universe of roadway risk.” He says that you can no longer rely upon your fellow driver to be attentive.

Attorney Doug Horn Stays Involved in Distracted Driving Awareness

On top of his own caseload at the Horn Law Firm, Horn also has conducted Internet seminars for attorneys across the United States related to distracted driving law and the proper handling of a distracted driving case. As part of his seminar, he provides attorney with strategies to obtain a fair and full settlement or recovery for those people who are victims of a distracted driver. He cautions attorneys to not fall into the trap of handling a distracted driving case like any other case. He compares distracted drivers with drunk drivers and believes that distracted drivers are just as dangerous.

In addition to being a leading attorney in distracted driving, Horn is also active in distracted driving prevention, and has written many distracted driving articles. His safety organization, Drive By Example, is very active in the Kansas City community, helping to curb the distracted driving epidemic. To learn more about Horn’s driving safety advocacy efforts, visit drivebyexample.com.

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