Kansas City, MO Hospital Consultation Attorneys

If you are disabled as a result of an accident and confined to a hospital or your home, you or your family can arrange for Lead Attorney Doug Horn to visit you for legal consultation. This is very beneficial because Mr. Horn and his team can begin accident investigations, including taking witness statements, accident related photographs/videos, and handling insurance representatives.

Because we respect the fact that you are in pain and often under the influence of medications, we request that family members be present in order that Mr. Horn can answers questions and handle all of your concerns. Mr. Horn will arrange for the firm’s investigator to be present in order to get a head start on investigator matters.

Please remember that there is no charge for this special legal consultation. We would request that you review the information on our website prior to our visit. It is especially important that you review the important information page as this will give you an outline of the general items to be covered.

Because every case has special considerations, we are prepared to help as soon as possible. For legal consultation, we offer consultation offices in Independence, Kansas City, & Overland Park, Kansas. Arrangements can be made for special consultation across Missouri & Kansas, including St. Louis, MO and western Kansas. Please contact us 816-795-7500 to arrange for wrongful death claims consultation with Attorneys Douglas Horn and Laurie Del Percio.