Distracted driving is epidemic and becoming America’s top driving safety concern. Unless we act now to put effective distracted driving prevention programs in place, the epidemic is likely to grow. For more information about Drive By Example’s new approach to curbing distracted drivers.

Because teen drivers face the highest risk on the road, Drive By Example has dedicated much of our work to protecting young drivers. Using the Drive By Example platform, State transportation officials, local law enforcement, and school districts can bolster efforts to reduce the risks faced by teen drivers.

Due to a growing number of distracted, impatient, and aggressive drivers, Americans face a new universe of roadway risk. Drive By Example can help reverse this downward trend by keeping driving safety high on the public consciousness.

Douglas R. Horn, founder of The Horn Law Firm in Kansas City, is an attorney who concentrates in motor vehicle accident law and crash litigation. His law firm has an impressive track record in representing people who have seriously injured of killed in motor vehicle collisions involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and trains.

In the course of his 25 year legal career Horn has gained an expertise in a range of driver safety issues, including those relating to driver behaviors that lead to motor vehicle collisions. Since 2009, Horn has been dedicating a substantial part of his work to advancing driver safety, particularly in the areas of distracted driving prevention and teen driver protection.