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“Personal injury” is a term you hear a lot on television, and most people have a loose understanding of what it means, but commercials tend to overlook exactly how it all works. We’d like to explain it for you.

Missouri personal injury is all about providing financial compensation to people who have experienced some sort of loss or harm as a result of another person / business behaving carelessly.

When we talk about carelessness, by the way, what we really mean is negligence. That is a legal term with centuries of statutes and caselaw behind it, but it basically boils down to this: anyone who behaves recklessly, irresponsibly, unfairly, or unreasonably is negligent in the eyes of the law.

Negligence violates the law precisely because it is dangerous. Negligent people might not mean to cause anyone harm — in fact, many of them have good hearts deep down — but when they’re careless, they can cause real damage. And someone has to pay for that damage.

If there are losses to compensate or bills to be paid, it is our belief that the person who causes those losses should be the one to pay for it. Why should the victims foot the bill? That would be fundamentally unfair, and the whole reason that Horn Law exists is to fight fundamental unfairness.

Of course, a “fight” implies that there’s someone on the other side with the opposite position. Sure enough, that’s usually how it goes in personal injury litigation.

Negligent people may know that they were negligent, but they still don’t want to pay you. And the insurance companies representing them certainly don’t want to pay you.

In fact, if you’ve received any kind of settlement offer from an insurer, you can rest assured that it’s likely a “lowball” offer — in other words, it represents only a fraction of the amount you are entitled to under Missouri personal injury law.

Our Grain Valley personal injury lawyers are here to take a stand against lowball offers and unfair denials in Jackson County, Missouri and beyond.

We know how insurance companies, employers, and other defendants approach these cases. After all, our lawyers have years of experience working in their world. We have a strong record of results for both plaintiffs and defendants, so we know exactly how the other side is going to look at your claim.

Our job is to fight for justice in spite of the defendant’s best efforts to undervalue your claim. And our record shows that we can do exactly that. While no one can ever guarantee a specific outcome in any given case, we do believe that choosing the right law firm — an experienced, aggressive, and honest law firm — can make an enormous difference in your case.

We’d like to be that firm for you. Please contact our Grain Valley, Missouri personal injury lawyers today.

Vouching for the Valley: How Our Grain Valley, Missouri Personal Injury Lawyers Help

Horn Law is located in Independence, Missouri — just about 10 minutes down the road from Grain Valley.

We’ve earned a reputation for aggressive and effective legal representation, and we think that reputation is ultimately a real benefit for our clients.

Employers, hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies, and other defendants know that we mean business. They know that we aren’t interested in undermining our clients’ rights. They know that we have our eyes on every penny that our clients have coming to them, and that we’ll fight hard to get that for them.

They also know that we will take them to court if they don’t negotiate fairly. That knowledge alone can make a real difference in the way defendants — and especially insurance companies — tackle your case. (We should know; we’ve defended many such companies over the decades!)

Free Case Review with Grain Valley, Missouri Personal Injury Attorneys at Horn Law

Our Grain Valley personal injury lawyers are here to help you.

At Horn Law, we do not charge our clients for our services unless we successfully settle or win their case. You will never have to pay us up front or out of pocket.

To learn more, please contact our office as soon as possible (or simply give us a call) and set up a free consultation. You can get answers to all your questions and decide whether you’re ready to take action.