Free Consultations with Lead Attorney Douglas R. Horn

If you or a family member has been injured, I offer free legal consultations and investigations in order that I can take care of  immediate issues, gain the upper hand with the insurance companies, and maximize your settlement and recovery.

Close & Convenient

In addition to our main office located at 19049 Valley View Parkway, Independence, Missouri 64055 (located near I-470 at U.S. 40 Highway, across the street from Costco), we offer 4 consultation offices in the KC Metro. These are not staffed offices, but do provide a convenient Horn Law location for our new clients.

Immediate Issues

Right from the start, when you first call, I will sort through the legal, medical, and insurance factors that are of top concern and begin formulating solutions. Then, when we meet for consultation, you and I will review the special circumstances connected with your case and determine if legal representation makes sense.

Keep in mind that I can only take on a case if there is a substantial benefit to my injured client. Not just a benefit, but a substantial benefit in terms of the settlement to my client.

Gaining The Upper Hand With The Insurance Companies

There is no doubt that the issues surrounding an injury claim can be challenging, especially when it comes to dealing with an insurance claim adjuster. That is why it is important I gain the upper hand and position the case for maximum recovery.

In this regard, skill in negotiation is paramount. It has been proven over and over that having an experienced negotiator in your corner is a key factor to getting the very best results and it is no different in an injury case.

Other important factors include:

  • securing important evidence
  • performing independent legal investigations
  • identifying all available insurance coverages
  • working out medical issues
  • documenting damages

Maximizing The Insurance Settlement

It all comes down to this. An accident victim is entitled to only one settlement, therefore it must be a fair & full settlement and recovery to the client.

Over the past 25 years, we have a track record of success in obtaining what I call the full measure of your damages. The full measure of your damages is the compensation you receive for reimbursement of your

  • medical damages, including all of your medical expense and the permanent effects of the injury.
  • financial loss, including your income loss.
  • personal losses, including compensation for your pain, suffering, discomfort, loss of mobility, interference with your daily routine and loss of quality of life.

These are the reasons why free consultation is so important to a successful claim. Call me direct at 816-795-7500. My guarantee is that I will devote my full professional abilities and resources to your case so that you receive the best possible settlement or award.