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Distracted Driving Lawyer for Columbia, Missouri

Columbia, Missouri is known nationwide as a place of progress and education. Its people are regarded as creatives, free thinkers, and forward-facing citizens.

Still, bad habits raise their ugly heads in Columbia just like they do in any other city of significant size. Sadly, distracted driving is among the most sinister and widespread of those habits.

Indeed, Columbia sees dozens of serious auto accidents every year, many of them fatal. Distracted driving ranks among the most common causes. It is an epidemic that only grows worse with time, and efforts to curb it have thus far proven largely ineffective.

Distracted driving is inexcusable. Drivers have an absolute responsibility to keep others safe when they assume control of the wheel. That responsibility includes the duty to avoid distractions.

No one means to cause a crash. The problem with distracted driving accidents in Columbia is that their culprits usually assume that a momentary diversion won’t cause any harm. The truth, though, is that even a fleeting distraction can kill.

These are completely preventable accidents. And yet they happen with incredible frequency. Even worse, the damages are typically severe — catastrophic, even — if not deadly. The victims are left with oft-overwhelming damages, and they do not deserve to bear that burden alone.

Fortunately, Missouri state law allows Columbia car crash victims to recover financially for the full cost of their suffering. This includes hospital bills, medical expenses, lost income, property loss, pain and emotional distress, and much more.

Unfortunately, victims can’t count on insurance companies to do their part. Even though the law requires them to step up to the plate when their policyholders cause a crash, today’s insurers do everything in their power to pay as little as possible. That isn’t fair. Victims deserve better.

As a nationally recognized safe driving advocate and a distinguished distracted driving lawyer for Columbia, Missouri, Attorney Douglas R. Horn offers more than 25 years of proven experience. Unlike most personal injury attorneys in Missouri, Horn’s practice is focused primarily on distracted driving cases — a reflection of the unique demands that victims face in these increasingly common cases.

Mr. Horn provides compassionate, strategic, and aggressive advocacy, always pursuing the largest amount of monetary compensation available to his clients under Missouri personal injury law. He is widely viewed as an authority on the subject of distracted driving, and he leverages that invaluable insight in his client’s favor.

A Dedicated Distracted Driving Lawyer for Columbia, Missouri

Twenty years ago, when we talked about distracted driving, we meant eating a chicken leg or using a mascara stick while on the road. Ten years, we meant a teenager typing a text to their friends. Those were, and still are, serious perils. However, today’s distracted driver is much different, but  even more dangerous.

Due to the proliferation of the cell phone, the present day distracted driver may be engaged in any number of technological exploits while hurtling through Central Missouri, including:

  • Texting while driving
  • Surfing the web
  • Checking Facebook
  • Tweeting
  • Reading ebooks or online articles
  • Composing or reading emails
  • Making videos or sound recordings
  • Watching YouTube or movies
  • Looking at new notifications
  • Playing digital games
  • Any other use of the Internet or an electronic device

These problems aren’t unique to teenagers anymore, either. The teens of ten years ago are parents today, and their vices have spread beyond their generation. Distracted driving is an epidemic across all age groups and demographics.

As a distracted driving lawyer for Columbia, Missouri, Douglas R. Horn is committed to keeping up with the latest in technology. Whatever operating system, application, social media network, or other cutting-edge distraction might have caught a driver’s eye in your case, Horn will bring an insightful and tech-savvy understanding of that specific distraction to the table.

Attorney Doug Horn is Close, Convenient For CoMo & Central Missouri Residents

Very few lawyers concentrate specifically on distracted driving cases, and yet there are so many of them in Midwest America. As a result, Mr. Horn’s services stay in high demand throughout Missouri.

He is dedicated, though, to coming to the places where his prospective clients need him. He wants to meet you wherever it makes the most sense for you.

If you are in Columbia, Missouri (CoMo region), you can count on attorney Douglas R. Horn to meet with you for a no-charge, no-obligation consultation in a place that is convenient for you and your family.

You can even schedule a consultation to take place in your home or your hospital room if you would like. Your convenience is our goal.

Please contact us online to set up a free consultation in or around Columbia today.

A Rapid-Response Distracted Driving Lawyer for Columbia, Missouri

Mr. Horn is proud to offer a Rapid Response investigation for those who have recently been injured in a car crash in Central Missouri.

A Rapid Response investigation allows our firm to start looking into the specifics of your accident as soon as possible. You might not yet know whether distracted driving was involved. That’s okay. Our Rapid Response investigation can assist in making that determination.

In any Missouri auto accident, time is of the essence. Evidence is easiest to gather soon after a crash, and statutory time limits might also apply to the filing of your claim. The more quickly you contact us, the better.

You can set up a Rapid Response investigation before you even schedule an initial consultation with our office. There is absolutely no obligation, and this service is available to prospective clients free of charge.

If you or someone you love has recently been injured in a distracted driving accident in Columbia, please contact us as soon as possible to take your next steps. Attorney Douglas R. Horn wants to help you.

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Distracted Driving

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed by a distracted driver, you can contact Attorney Doug Horn for free legal consultation.

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