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A special concentration for Horn Law has been pedestrian injury cases causing serious injury and death to both adults and children. Because of the serious nature of these claims and the complex liability aspects, these cases demand zealous legal representation by an attorney with a track record of success in pedestrian accidents.

Most pedestrian injuries and fatalities involve a motor vehicle driver who did not see the pedestrian. Often this is because the driver was inattentive or distracted and it is becoming more common for pedestrians to be injured because of drivers who are texting or talking on his or her cell phone. In these cases, fault on the motor vehicle driver can be established by showing he or she failed to exercise the highest degree of care in the operation of their motor vehicle.

In a recent case, we represented the son of a lady who was killed while crossing the street in her motorized handicap scooter. Even though the scooter was low to the ground and did not have an attached flag, we were able to obtain a maximum recovery based on driver negligence in being inattentive to the road ahead.

Child Victims

Over the last 20 years Horn Law has handled a number of pedestrian cases involving children. Many of these cases are referred to as “child dart out” because the child was hit after running out into the roadway. Although you might think that the child was responsible for the pedestrian accident, because children do not appreciate the danger associated with vehicular traffic, fault can be established against the motor vehicle driver for not taking adequate driving precautions.

Child pedestrian injury or fatality cases involving require special handling and discovery. It is important that the attorney for the child take the deposition of the driver at the earliest possible time. Therefore, it is important that legal consultation and investigation happen at the earliest possible time after an accident.

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