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Occupant Ejection is the term we use when a driver or passenger is thrown from a vehicle, usually as a result of a rollover collision. Obviously, this violent type of crash causes death and serious injury. Theses cases are complex and immediate investigations is important.

The most common occupant ejection event is where a vehicle leaves the the roadway at highway speeds and is propelled down an embankment causing the vehicle to roll. As the vehicle rolls, the crush damage causes the side and back windows to be broken out. If the driver and passengers are not properly restrained, ejection is probable.

As motor vehicle crash lawyers, we have an important role to initiate independent investigations and provide legal consultations.

If the occupant ejection involved a fatality, this may be a case of wrongful death.

Wrongful death cases are very special matters and legal consultation is necessary to explain the legal actions available to the surviving family. Beyond the legal case, Doug Horn can help bring other types of assistance to help the family recover.

Investigations of Occupant Ejection Cases

Although accident reconstructions are very helpful in determining why occupants were ejected, it is more difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of impact. The cause and origin of the impact is vital in determining fault. Early witness and site investigations are necessary to secure evidence and witness statements. Also, the physical evidence, such as the vehicle, must be secured and stored for future examination. Photographs must preserve the conditions that existed at the time of the crash. If the crash happened at night, special photography must be completed when dark to document the lighting conditions at the accident scene.

In any occupant ejection case, the vehicle must be thoroughly examined. We want to evaluate the crush damage and look for defects such as door latches that did not work properly or seat belt malfunction. In a catastrophic case involving an ejection, Horn Law will arrange for specialized experts to handle all aspects of the vehicle inspection.

Legal Consultations With Family

In many cases, initial consultations may be with family members of the ejection victim. At the initial consultation, we can begin to set the case strategy based upon our initial investigations, evidence, and the determination of fault and available insurance coverages. It is also important that we address the medical issues. These type of cases usually involve hospitalization, medical specialists, and more complex rehabilitation issues.

At the initial consultation, we can begin to set a case strategy, including the retention of experts who can help establish fault, responsibility, and medical damages. Although a full case evaluation is difficult at this point, we can evaluate the recovery of our client, taking into account, vocational/educational options, future medical care and rehabilitation, future medication requirements, home and nursing care, transportation needs, wheelchair needs, home modifications, aids for independent functioning, and other special needs.

Traumatic Injuries Due To Ejection from a Vehicle

Being thrown from a vehicle almost always involves serious injuries requiring emergency treatment, stabilization, recovery, rehabilitation, and future medical needs. Common injuries from vehicle ejection are:

We have an excellent track record in handling the complex crash case, concentrating in cases that involve longer-term injury and life-changing disability. Although we hope you will take the opportunity to navigate through our web site, this can not in any way replace personalized legal consultation. For your benefit, we can always arrange a convenient consultation office in Missouri or Kansas. Home and hospital appointments can be arranged at the client’s convenience.

Legal Representation for Serious Injury or Death

We will devote our full professional abilities to your claim, including our expertise, time, and financial resources. You also have the confidence in knowing other lawyers refer complex cases to us because every client deserves a maximum recovery.

In a wrongful death case, we will do everything possible to bring comfort to the family. Not only do we have the obligation to bring the best possible case resolution for the family, but we want to go above and beyond in helping families recover. Contact Doug Horn for special consultation in all wrongful death matters.

While most cases do not go to trial, preparation for trial is the secret to success. Following is the litigation progression that allows us to maximize recovery in occupant ejection cases.

  • Thorough Investigation
  • Expert Witness Retention
  • Pleading the Case
  • Initial Paper Discovery
  • Dispositive Motions
  • Depositions
  • Extensive Discovery
  • Early Trial Preparation
  • Mediation/Settlement Negotiations
  • Depositions for Trial
  • Pre-Trial Motions/Preparation
  • Trial

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