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Distracted driving is a problem for all drivers, including those who drive as part of their work. A program that has been specifically created for this purpose is the Drive by Example Corporate Protection Program. This is a driving safety initiative that has been created to help corporations and businesses reduce on-the-job motor vehicle accidents.

The program is a comprehensive communications program that will not only reduce the types of collisions that cause serious injury and death, but also increase employee health/wellness, bolster employee productivity, reduce corporate liability, and enhance the safety culture within the workplace.

The Drive By Example Corporate Protection Program, which address top driving safety priorities including distracted driving prevention, can be easily implemented and administered through existing corporate wellness programs. The program also dovetails nicely with employer safe driving policies, procedures, and training that employers already have in place.  

Utilizing a core message to drive alert, buckled, cautious, and defensive, the program is a perfect fit for any employer. Here are some of the main attributes of the program:

  1. It is built upon a clear, concise, and memorable message that is applicable to all employees, regardless of whether they drive as part of his or her scope of employment.
  2. It re-enforces existing corporate safe driving policies, rules, and training.
  3. Provides a sustained driving safety campaign that keeps safe driving high on the workplace agenda.
  4. Utilizes a positive framing approach that promotes high driving standards both on and off the job.  
  5. In addition to protecting employees, it helps to reduce corporate liability for employees who cause collisions.

To limit liability and risk for distracted driving, it is imperative for companies to enact protocols, procedures and policies that govern employee cell phone use. However, even if these polices are well-intentioned, they may not always produce the desired results.

For instance, if a policy is issued to help and regulate cell phone use while the employee is driving on company business, but then there is no reinforcement for this policy, it is not only going to be ineffective, but may actually increase corporate liability if a distracted worker causes an accident. In these situations, the company is admitting the fact that they knew distracted driving was an issue, but they did nothing to help ensure distracted driving didn’t take place.

By implementing the Drive By Example Corporate Protection program, there is no doubt that a corporation and/or businesses, no matter what their size, can reduce the risk of a crash involving an employee. Moreover, the program will also help protect employees outside of work. It is as simple as ABC & D, – Alert, Buckled, Cautious, & Defensive.