Apps That May Help Reduce Teenage Distracted Driving

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Teenage drivers using handheld devices are more likely than older drivers to get into serious automobile accidents and severely injure themselves and others. In the U.S., distracted driving is a growing problem. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are more than nine fatalities and over 1,000 people injured in a distracted driving-related accident each day.

For most teen drivers, the cause of their distracted driving is cell phone use – more specifically, text messaging. Sending and receiving text messages command a teen driver’s visual, cognitive, and manual attention simultaneously, leaving little for watching the road. Because the risk for teen distracted driving is so high, safety advocates throughout the state have been looking for ways to curb cellular use for teens behind the wheel. Luckily, app makers have also taken on the task of finding ways to reduce cell phone-related distractions.

Mobile Apps That May Stop Teen Distracted Driving

While parents may have strict household policies regarding cell phone use while operating a vehicle, they are not with their teen drivers constantly to monitor. These apps can do the monitoring for parents, helping to protect teen drivers when their own willpower fails.

  1. Live2Txt – This Android app allows a phone to block all incoming text messages and phone calls while driving. A teen will need to activate the app to the “on” position when driving. When the teen has done so, any incoming text messages will receive an alert stating that the driver cannot respond at the moment.
  2. Canary – This app is designed for both Android and iOS platforms. It gives parents feedback on their teen’s behavior behind the wheel and can even send speed limit alerts to a parent when their teen driver goes over those limits. Also, parents can receive alerts when their teen travels outside of predefined driving areas or is out past curfew.
  3. LifeSaver – This iOS app reduces distracted driving and temptation by automatically locking the phone when the teen starts driving.
  4. Sprint’s Drive First – Some cell phone service providers are also creating their own safety apps. Sprint, for example, has Drive First, allowing teen drivers to enter “driving mode,” which automatically switches the phone to silent mode for all notifications, messages, and phone calls once the vehicle reaches 10 miles per hour.
  5. – This mobile app does not block text messages. Instead, it reads them aloud in real-time and then automatically responds without the driver touching the phone. The goal is to eliminate texting or reading while driving, as many drivers are tempted to check their text messages out of curiosity or concern.

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