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by | Oct 28, 2010 | Truck Accidents

Most fatal truck accidents in 2009 in Missouri and nationwide, were caused not because of fatigue, but speeding. That information comes from an analysis of fatal truck accident figures in 2009 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The agency says speeding accounted for the most number of truck accidents in 2009, contributing to 7.3% of all fatal crashes last year.

The report titled 2009: Historic Truck Crash Declines lays out the top factors in fatal truck accidents last year. The FMCSA recorded a 20.4% drop in truck accidents last year, and the agency has been trying to determine the factors that led to this decline.

According to the analysis, besides speeding, the other main factors in truck accidents last year were failure to maintain lanes, distracted driving, failure to yield the right of way, failure to obey traffic rules, overcorrecting, fatigued driving, following to closely and making improper turns.

Last year marked the third consecutive year of a decline in fatal truck crashes. There was not only a substantial decline in fatalities in truck accidents, but also a decline in the overall number of truck accidents. However, Missouri truck accident attorneys would caution against taking this to mean that there have been great strides made in trucking safety. It’s important to remember that this decline in truck crash fatalities coincided with the recession, which also adversely impacted the trucking industry. As businesses and manufacturing took a hit, the freight industry also reeled under the impact. Fewer trucks on the road have meant fewer numbers of accidents.

Whether the drop in numbers can hold up once the economy begins to pick up again and trucking activity accelerates, remains to be seen.