Personal Injury Attorneys Help After a Car Accident

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An accident injury brings on a variety of different questions and concerns. At Horn Law, we are easily accessible and stand ready to help. We can take on the burden of transportation issues, investigations, and insurance matters in order that you are able to concentrate on your physical recovery. The bottom line is we want you to know that you do not need to wait for professional help.

In serious cases involving hospitalizations, family members can call on Doug Horn and the Horn Law team as soon as possible. It helps to have an experienced professional who has been through similar situations to give advice and take action – without charge and no commitment to legal representation.

Of course, it all starts with a phone call to Horn Law. Our paralegal will ask some basic questions about the nature of your call and then direct the matter to Lead Attorney Doug Horn.

Beyond free legal consultations, if appropriate, Mr. Horn can initiate investigations or preserve evidence. Additionally, we can help with other matters not directly related to the legal claims.

Horn Law Help With Insurance Claims

No matter how long it has been since an accident, if you or someone you know is having difficulty dealing with an insurance company, please call on Horn Law to help in regards to a fair and full resolution of the insurance claims.

Recently, because insurance companies have become more stingy in regards to insurance settlements, more people need help in dealing with the insurance claim process. Also, there may be other claims that need to be filed and attention should be given to matters of other types of insurance available.

While there is general information about injury claims on this site, please note every case is special and has unique circumstances. Because there are many factors that need to be taken into account, we encourage you to call for legal consultation at any time in the process.

Injury case evaluation is something we do every day at Horn Law. We want to help make a difference for you.

Horn Law Legal Representation

A word about injury claim legal representation.

Horn Law can only accept cases where we can make a “substantial difference” for our clients. I think it is fair to state that in the large majority of cases, legal representation is of benefit. However, it doesn’t make sense for us to take on a case unless we can significantly advance the settlement. Ultimately, our client must receive a fair and full settlement recovery.

In term of law firms, we are considered a small law firm. We do not depend upon a large volume of cases to be successful. Instead, we manage our case load in order that we can give each client the time and attention necessary to maximize their recovery.

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Horn Law offers you a free investigation. Legal consultation, case assessments, and examinations from an experienced personal injury attorney are important when you are working with insurance claim agents or other insurance company representative. Contact Horn Law at 816-795-7500 free of charge for legal consultation.